It’s official!

MY PLANE TICKET IS BOOKED. In my mind, this means one thing: it’s official. I’m going to Botswana to study abroad for 5 and a half months. It’s still so hard to believe. I’m having trouble coming to terms with the fact that I will be in another country, halfway across the world, for half a year. I’m so excited, yet so nervous, all at the same time. I’m having trouble focusing on studying for my finals because I can’t stop turning over all the details in my mind. I’ve been watching videos made by students who are currently in the CIEE Community Public Health program, so I’m a little more aware of what to expect. But there’s so much to do and so little time. I have to shop for specialty items (you’d be surprised by the kind of things I need- a head lamp?), get my six immunizations (not looking forward to that one bit), and that’s only the beginning of the list. I’m nervous about so many things: the food, safety, making new friends, traveling on my own, and adjusting to a new language and culture. And I’m sad about the things I’ll be leaving behind: my friends, my sorority (no little for me :/), my campus, and most of all, my family. Yet I know the experiences that lie ahead of me will be more than I can ever imagine. I’ll be volunteering in clinics, living with a host family, and trying new things every day. I like to think I’m taking the road less traveled: it’s scary and it’s new, but I know I won’t regret a minute. I’M GOING TO AFRICA.


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