two months away

It’s three in the morning and I can’t sleep. Nothing new. Can you guess what I’m thinking about?

Botswana is consuming my thoughts! Not surprising, I guess. It’s less than two months away. I’m so ready for this adventure to begin! Though I get more nervous every day, I also get more excited too. One minute I wish summer would just hurry up, but then the next I wish it would slow down because I’m so scared to leave. I don’t think I can fully comprehend that I am actually leaving for five months. I am already starting to have to say my goodbyes and it’s terrifying. Everyone keeps telling me my true friends will still be here for me when I come back, and all I can do is hope that is true. It is time to focus on me and on making a difference, exploring my career field, and stepping completely outside of my comfort zone.


One thought on “two months away

  1. Jamie, I wish only the best for you always. I understand how scary traveling half-way around the world can be, but with your capabilities and great attitude you will be fine.
    You are an young woman. I am thrilled that you included me in your awesome adventure to Africa. Lots of hugs to you! Heddy

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